New Builds

Firstly, congratulations – we presume you are here because:

  • You have reserved a new build property or had an offer accepted on one, or
  • You are looking to purchase a new build property.

There are lots of new builds popping up everywhere, but look no further for your solicitor as Oakwood Property Solicitors are here to help.

In most instances, the developers permit strict deadlines for exchange of contracts which is usually within 28 days from reserving your plot. This means you need to instruct a solicitor quickly and your solicitor needs to act quickly for you to relieve some the of the pressure that you are under from the developer. Fortunately, we are used to meeting these deadlines and can assist you in every stage of the purchase process to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.


We will assist with the following:

  • Liaise with the developer’s solicitor and ensure we have all the required documentation to hand to review including all relevant planning documents.
  • Order searches on your behalf to ensure there is nothing adverse within the development that we need to make to make you aware of.
  • Check the new build warranty scheme which the developer will build in accordance with and discuss with you how this will protect your interests.
  • Ensuring your mortgage is in place and is suitable for the purchase (for example, shared ownership mortgages need to be approved by the developer).
  • Exchange contracts within the permitted deadlines.
  • Complete upon notice from the Developer that the property has gone through structural completion and is now ready for legal completion (ready for you to collect the keys).
  • Deal with post-completion Paying any stamp duty were relevant, and registering you as the owner with HM Land Registry.

How do I make a start?

If you require any further information in regards to your New Build purchase, simply contact our team at Oakwood Property Solicitors on 0113 218 5727 and we will do all we can to make the process as straightforward as possible.