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Today marks National New Home Day – a day dedicated to celebrating new home purchases and the journey of homeownership.


Buying a home can be both exciting and challenging, but our clients are often left with a feeling of accomplishment once they are finally settled into their new pad.


National New Home Day


In many cases, a new home means more than just having a new place to live. It can mark the start of a new journey, and often coincides with major life milestones – think new jobs, children and relationships.

But just getting to the point of purchasing a property can be hard work. Buying a property, for most people, will be the most expensive purchase they will make in their lifetime, and saving for a deposit in today’s climate is no mean feat.

With the average property price at £282,000 and the minimum deposit often being 5%, all whilst navigating through the cost of living crisis, it can be a tricky move getting on the property ladder.

With this in mind, new homeowners should be celebrated for their hard work and dedication to achieve this goal. At Oakwood Property Solicitors, we love helping our clients and seeing them complete their new property – whether they are upsizing, downsizing or relocating, it is an exciting time for all.


Deborah Myerson, Director of Oakwood Property Solicitors spoke about what she enjoys about working in property. She said:

“The highlight of working in Property is helping people to achieve what they need to. Whether this is helping a first-time buyer get on the property ladder, working with those people who are in a position to upsize to their dream ‘Forever’ home, or guiding more mature clients as they look to downsize. 

“It is all about results – working with clients to get them to where they need to be.”


To celebrate National New Home Day, we have created a checklist that all new homeowners should bear in mind before and whilst they move house:


New Home Checklist

  • Do your research, on doctors, pharmacies, opticians, dentists, takeaways and shops– check what’s in your local area and get to know more about services in your new area.
  • Don’t forget to be courteous, remember your neighbours when you are unloading and moving in.
  • Do update insurance, driving licence, banks, utility suppliers, your Wills and the details of any microchipped pets. You wouldn’t want to invalidate yourself.
  • Don’t panic! Problems crop up and it can all seem worse in the heat of the moment. Take a deep breath and take things one step at a time.
  • Do change your address on bills – for example, phone contracts, broadband, and TV subscription services.
  • Don’t forget to put plans in place for your new home – for example, it can often take a while for Wi-Fi to be set up and this can be crucial if you work from home.
  • Do put a mail redirect service in place from your current address to ensure you do not miss any important letters.


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