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How to get your home ready for viewers this summer

If you are planning to sell-up this summer, or your property is already on the market, you might be wondering what you can do to make your house look even more appealing to viewers.


We know that moving house can be stressful and overwhelming, but by following these simple tips, your property might sell quicker than you thought.


Home ready for viewers


1) Clean and declutter

Try to make your home look as clean and spacious as possible. Hide away any nick-nacks or mess, as viewers will appreciate looking at a clean slate when they come to visit the property – and this will help them visualise making it their own.

Equally, if the house is unclean – this can be off-putting for the buyer. Make sure this is done before any marketing photos are taken, as well as when viewers come to visit.


2) Small DIY Jobs

Small DIY jobs can go a long way. Think leaking taps, a cracked tile or broken light fixture – they might only take an hour or so to fix, but could be the reason the viewer chooses to go with another property. 

Make it look as though you have looked after the property, so viewers aren’t left wondering what else there will be left to fix.


3) Garden

Don’t forget about the garden. Mow the lawn, tidy the kids’ toys away and get rid of any rubbish. Also think about giving the decking a lick of paint, or adding some plant pots to give your garden a bit of colour.


4) Stage your home

Remember, your home is like buying a new shiny and expensive item for the buyer – so make it look nice! Add some fresh flowers to the kitchen table or a colourful fruit bowl in the dining room to give it that finished look.

Also, if you have any brightly coloured walls, which may be to an acquired taste – think about painting them neutral to have a wider appeal.


5) Depersonalise

Take down family photos, calendars or personalised ornaments to give the buyer that show-home feel. This will help them envision being in it themselves, and not just visiting someone else’s home.


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