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I only started working at Oakwood Property Solicitors in January.

Every day I get to meet a wide variety of people, some of them even famous (off the TV).

They come in and I’ll go through all the paperwork they have brought in, making sure they have signed it and completed it the best they can.

I usually chat away to people whilst I’m checking it, people do tell you all sorts of things. I know a lot of life stories now.


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Sometimes they have questions, which if I don’t know the answer, I will find out for them.

Every day is busy, which I like. There is always something to do like answering the phone, sending quotes to clients, chasing up quotes, scanning in paperwork.

People ring up all day long with all sorts of queries. Some people want quotes, some want to talk to the case handler. Sometimes it is estate agent or other solicitors wanting an update. I will either pass them through to the person they wish to speak to or take a message and pass it on if they are busy or I can’t answer.

The people that I work with are nice as well. They are all very approachable which is good because I’m always asking questions. It does make the day more enjoyable because everyone gets on.

It is very interesting learning the process that goes into buying and selling houses. I didn’t realise how much went into it because it’s a long time ago since I bought a house. I don’t think people realise how much is going on behind the scenes when you are buying and selling houses.

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